Hello Flo, My Hero

Hello Flo at Target

The first kid is the practice kid. Yes, I’m biased, as the youngest of three, and second girl. By the time Aunt Flo came to visit me, my sister and her best friend put together a paper lunch bag of essentials and wished me well. I don’t remember discussing this with my mom, other than trying to get out of gym class that week (it was square dance week, can you imagine!).

Fast forward many years later to being the mom. My very curious 12 year old wanted “the body book” to learn about herself. So I scoured Amazon to find a book that only covered the (ahem) first part about lady things. She was so excited when the book came. But come Chapter Four (Meet the Tampon), she wouldn’t talk to me for 2 weeks. She said it was inappropriate. (Is it wrong that I enjoyed the silence a little?). She figured it all out, but without a lot of help from me.

So now that I’ve had my practice round, I have another blossoming daughter who is 11. Finally, my chance to get it right! This time, I’m calling in the professionals. The “First Period Kit” from Hello Flo is like a Bark Box for the preteen.


It is the cutest thing ever, and really makes me feel like I’m the rockstar mom that I fantasize about on my way to work in the mornings. #goals. It’s all about presentation – supplies are covered, but making it fun and approachable? Priceless!

Hello Flo at Target

It’s such an easy way to start a conversation. It’s the Happy Meal of lady business, with the UbyKotex® Cleanwear®pads as the crowning jewel!


The bracelet was a hit!

Hello Flo at Target

Who knows when “it” will happen, but for now, the lines of communication are open.

Hello Flo at Target

And yes, we’re even having a little fun with it. <img src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2/72×72/1f642.png&quot; alt="


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