Fractals in Design

I’m excited to share an article that I contributed on the Stacy Garcia Life-Styled website. The article talked about fractals and how they exist all around us and are now emerging in decor, fashion, furniture and in art. I tell my story how I was an Applied Mathematics major in college and how fractal structures affected my path into design. 
Michele Alfano’s Molecular Basket
image credit: Erik Bardin
For DIFFA Picnic by Design 2016, I designed a molecular basket design which embodied a fractal nature with patterns essentially repeating over and over again. Inspired by atoms, the design revealed how we are all made out of atoms – our bodies and the universe. The universe is made up of 5% atoms and the rest dark matter and energy. Astronomers as well as medical researchers are on the brink of discoveries whether it be the vast unknown or diseases like AIDS. The molecular basket stands as a beacon of hope. I worked with Tiago Fonseca of Five Star Millwork who brought my design to life.

Michele Alfano’s Molecular Basket design.  Built by Tiago Fonseca

image credit: Michele Alfano

Here are some other images of the Picnic design. Sarkos generously sponsored their amazing  hand-painted wallcovering called Cosmos which I used as place-mats.

Michele Alfano and Tiago Fonseca of Five Star Millwork

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