A Room With a Panoramic View

Located a stone’s throw away from the state capitol of Arkansas, this 344-square-meter home has a restrained style that borders on being a minimalist interior. This serves to better highlight the true focal point of this home: the stunning panoramic views of the Arkansas forests. As the foliage changes throughout the year, the neutral tones of the house complement and enhance the changing color palette.

Architect Wesley Wallsthe principal architect at Polk Stanley Wilcox Architectscreated this home for this family of four.


“The design intentionally sidesteps trendy finishes in an effort to create a sophisticated, timeless residence,” Wesley Walls explained. The house is a three-story structure comprised of two bar-shaped levels, balanced over a more open space on the first story. The interior design is deliberately kept neutral with natural tones; focusing on stone, glass, and wood. The vibrancy comes from the floor to ceiling windows, overlooking a panoramic view.


Living, dining room, and kitchen all merge together on the top story, opening on to a terrace overlooking this stunning scene.








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