Add This Austrian Vineyard to Your List of Dream Homes

Vineyard House

House T is nestled in the rolling hills of southern Austria, overlooking a beautiful vineyard.  Although architect Ulrike Tinnacher built a new structure, the design kept the beautiful, vaulted wine cellar of the old vintner’s house that stood on this site.

The rectangular cube and gabled roof at one end also pay homage to the original home.  They create the most visible shape rising above rows of grapes.  The design further emphasizes the monolithic structure with uniform building materials and few windows.  Inside, it gives residents a private place for bedrooms and other living spaces.

Gabled Roof

Monolithic Structure

Conversely, the other section of the home works to blend indoor and outdoor spaces.  This large, open room integrates the kitchen, dining, and living spaces.  The minimalist gray kitchen tucks its cabinets and sink behind tall doors.  In addition, its main light fixture is a simple, modern rod hanging above the island.

Glass walls run along either side of the kitchen, making it feel like a part of the landscape.  The plain interior enhances this look, pulling your attention to the outdoors. (Photography by Simon Oberhofer.  Information and photography courtesy of Ulrike Tinnacher.)

Open Room

Minimalist Kitchen

Glass Walls

Private and Open Living Space


Lofted Space


Wine Cellar


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