Modern Glass Patio Designs With Green Landscaping

The green landscaping patio exterior that surround this semi outdoor patio design was accidentally designed to give extra green landscaping for both patio and the exterior of the house itself. It was so practical and inspiring since we can design one application for two functions. Covered with green landscaping probably will look contrast and incorrect since this patio was apply modern style. That was not totally wrong and we still can express our imagination through this patio inspiration design. Besides the design of the patio, the furniture ideas that fill out this space also apply modern taste. Compress with laminated glass, this safety outdoor patio designs will give more than just a space for relax in our home but also as a space for have a great conversation with our family. It will be such as accidental family room for our home. The sliding system of the glass door will make our patio become safety for our kids and the whole family. Don’t waste our time to think, let’s see these pictures below and apply the modern glass patio ideas from this article.[via]

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