Minimalist Swiss Chalet Embraces Surrounding Vistas


Savioz Fabrizzi Architects designed this chalet in the village of Val d’hérens, Switzerland. Constructed of concrete, this home has wood-clad upper levels that allude to the style of the barns in the area. This wood is carried inside for a smooth and sleek look.

“On the ground floor, the daily rooms center around a concrete core leading to the four levels and integrating the bathrooms,” the architect said. “The slabs are cut around this core, generating visual relations between the floors.”


Chalet Val d’hérens‘ southern exposure allows for an abundance of light throughout the day. The minimalist home’s main living space enjoys several impressive viewpoints, including the village to the northwest and the valley and mountains to the south and east.

Although this Swiss chalet sits on a steep slope, the plateau where the home was constructed meant little impact to the land. A concrete terrace extends from the ground floor for outdoor entertaining. [Photography by Thomas Jantscher]

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