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Pinterest is smart.

It is aware of the things I love and adore.

Baskets being one of them. Brownies being the other.

Pin recommendations have been full of drool-worthy brownies.

But, it’s not often that you stop scrolling to drool and obsess over…

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Berlin Heritage Building Becomes A Home


asdfg Architekten converted the oldest heritage building of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, Germany, into an original home for a family with three children. The challenge was immense, as the authorities requested the main facade to be reconstructed exactly as depicted on a drawing from 1844.

“The history and special situation of the building was a big challenge, but we also saw a high potential in it to become a very unique single family house with a garden in the center of one of the most popular neighborhoods of Berlin,” the architects said. Many elements of the old miller’s house were kept intact, such as the brick walls which add a bohemian feel to the interiors.


“As a result of the previous uses as a police station and a workshop, followed by many years of vacancy, the house was in bad condition and had many small rooms,” the architects explained. “In order to create a generous space we only kept the outer walls and one massive wall in the middle. The staircase, kitchen, as well as some sleeping galleries are somehow plugged into this wall.”

The minimalist approach led to spacious and functional interiors. A large sliding door on the first level separates the parents’ bedroom from the main living space. A wooden staircase hints the way to the home office upstairs. Many of the furniture units were custom made for the project, including washbasins and the bathtub. What are your thoughts on this heritage house conversion in Berlin? [Information provided by asdfg Architekten; photography by Michael Pfisterer]

minimalist-house-2 minimalist-house-4 minimalist-house-5 minimalist-house-6 minimalist-house-7 minimalist-house-8 minimalist-house-9 minimalist-house-10 minimalist-house-11

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Curing Blandness with Balance

The driving concept behind the Balancing Home, a project of Luigi Rosselli Architects, is simple: Infusing the comforting collective memory of tradition with a modern understanding. Part of a growing suburb on Sydney’s North Shore, the Balancing Home Creates an equilibrium between traditional architectural styles and contemporary sensibilities by using bold finishing features and details deferential to tradition. This gives a timeless look to an otherwise potentially sterilized style.


The house is oriented along the cardinal points, with the master bedroom and the front door facing east towards the rising sun and a distant ocean view. Vaulted cathedral ceilings and polished concrete floors provide a balance between traditional style and modern materials.


The white and crimson colors of the home were chosen in homage to tinder and clay earth, evoking traditional building materials. The house needs no artificial air conditioning; the home stays cool from cross ventilation and a large air space, allowing circulation during hot Sydney summers.


The house metaphorically balances tradition and modernity, but the name is also literal: the second floor bedrooms appear to balance gently over the pool, the reflection of the white upper floors mirroring the structure perfectly. As Luigi Rosselli Architects claims, the cure for bland architecture is balance.











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Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos

Miklós Kiss, designer hongrois basé à Budapest et spécialisé en identité visuelle, présente Wink, la boutique footwear également à Budapest.

Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos

Wink propose à sa ville natale, Budapest, de confortables chaussures depuis une trentaine d’années. Dans le monde du footwear, beaucoup de changements ont été observées que ca soit en terme de mode, de design et de technologie. Pour redéfinir Wink comme une marque actuelle, Miklós Kiss souhaitait  des espaces spéciaux pour montrer à la clientèle du shop les nouvelles valeurs de marque et une approche innovante de la conception et de la qualité.

Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos

Desciption du projet par Miklós Kiss :

La fabrication des pièces de la collection Fall/Winter 2016 de Wink a été réalisée par de petits artisans. Instantanément, j’ai eu la vision de musées historiques, de récits et d’établis d’atelier remplis de petits tiroirs. J’ai imaginé un espace où nous mélangeons les souvenirs de vieilles boutiques avec un design et un architecture moderne.

Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos

En entrant dans la boutique, nous rencontrons un imposant lustre créé à partir de moules de chaussures : l’élément le plus important de la production de chaussures. Du point de vue du design et de l’architecture d’intérieur, cette boutique était censée être un prototype pour la nouvelle image de marque de Wink.

Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par KissmiklosRetail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos

La combinaison des couleurs blanc et bleu roi de Wink ont ??été retenues pour générer une continuité dans l’histoire de la marque : Les espaces blancs sont divisés par une série de portes bleues, placées pour conduire le client à travers la boutique entière et à l’étage à la galerie de conception. Mon objectif principal était de créer un espace où les fonctions vont au-delà d’un magasin traditionnel afin de créer une stimulation visuelle au caractère inspirant et un espace d’exposition mettant en valeur la nouvelle identité de marque Wink.

Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos Retail : Wink la boutique footwear par Kissmiklos

Crédit photos : Bálint Jaksa

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Urban Pavilion Designs with Wooden Plans

The unique wooden pavilion designs in this page were perfectly come from the great combination of humanistic material with contemporary style of art work. It was one of accommodation for those young people who want to express their activity and their beloved sport. Through this landscape we can see the person who skates along this pavilion and it was so safety. Those young people can express their character and personality though this outdoor pavilion. Even use wood as the main material, but the function and security aspect of this pavilion was trusted. The pretty urban pavilion plans that provided by this outdoor building construction was look artistic and urban style. Located in the middle of City Park, the whole person of the city can enjoy this construction and feel safe. The sparkling outdoor furnishing landscape in this pavilion look different from previous design of outdoor pavilion and we can try t cheat out both concept and ideas of this pavilion. As the inspiring design, we can try to see this smart outdoor application system first.[via]

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A Modern, Stone Retreat in Bulgaria

architecture Slope Residence

Located in Targovishte, Bulgaria, Slight Slope Long House is a modern residence envisioned by I/O Architects as a massive horizontal volume. According to the project developers, the topography of the site resembles a cave of an antic theater:The long structure is facing the favorable sun orientation and the view in slight opposition of the slope. This way entering diagonally into the house the height of the spaces changes in relation to their grade of privacy. In the opposite direction and apart from the main progression are the guest rooms over the compressed space of the entrance and the garage.The unconventional geometry of the project leads the eye along diagonal lines, creating a fun and surprising effect.

design Slope Residence

Slight Slope Long House accommodates generously-sized living and dining areas, three bedrooms, a home office and three-car garage: “The internal structure corresponds to the complementary space of the stairs-like veranda facing the park as well as to the terraced yards behind the house.

The monolith appearance of the stone cladded façades and the oversized architectural elements, from one side and the perspective corrections of the front elevation from the other, modulate in an ambiguous way the scale of the large structure”, explained the architects. Sustainable features of the project include passive sun shading, heat pump with ground-coupled heat exchanger and use of local stone. [Photos courtesy of I/O Architects]

exterior Slope ResidenceSlope Residence (3)Slope Residence (4)Slope Residence (5)Slope Residence (6)Slope Residence (7)Slope Residence (8)Slope Residence (9)Slope Residence (10)Slope Residence (11)Slope Residence (13)Slope Residence (14)Slope Residence (15)Slope Residence (16)Slope Residence (17)Slope Residence (18)

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Pitching A New Lifestyle in Kansas City

architecture modern residence

When designing Madison Residence in Kansas City, Missouri, the architects at KEM Studio sought to create something inspired by the owners’ lifestyle.

Three main directions were identified during the research process: “The first was for the new house to be modern, minimal and sustainable: focus on the experience with volume, light, and interactions more than square footage. Second was to emphasize the interaction of the house with the site and hillside: draw from the owner’s rural background and her unconventional, creative interpretations. The third was direction was super-efficiency”. Despite a small budget, this contemporary home is low maintenance and sustainable.

design modern residence

These three challenges were approached with originality: “The design met those goals and responded to her lifestyle as a writer, musician, runner, cinephile and creative spirit. Functionally it translates into a 1,200 sf, two-bedroom, two-bath home on a modest budget”, explained the architects. The gallery below unveils a spacious home encouraging social activities and entertainment. A minimalist design approach was needed in order to spark creativity at all levels. How would you comment on the overall look and feel of this residence?  [Photography: Mike Sinclair]

interior modern residencemodern residence (3)modern residence (4)modern residence (5)modern residence (6)modern residence (7)modern residence (8)modern residence (10)modern residence (11)modern residence (12)modern residence (13)modern residence (14)

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